Monday, March 16, 2009

Rolling around in Bed and Grave!

As I post this on a Monday morning, I am overcome by a combination of insomnia, jetlag and frustration of the power failure that lasted all through the night. Not a great combination by any stretch of the imagination. All that one could do is really to roll around in bed hoping to catch some sleep.

Well, so much for Gandhi’s and India’s pride, the ‘great’ Dr. Mallya has managed to win the bid for his items that were up for auction. One has to appreciate him for his flamboyant style in whatever he does. However, I was wondering what Gandhi’s reaction to this would be.

Mallya is the antithesis of Gandhi is every sense of the word. The liquor baron, the flashy businessman who goes over the top in all the things that he does now owns the items of a man who was pro prohibition and a minimalist. Something tells me that Gandhi must have been rolling in his grave!

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