Monday, May 10, 2010

Hit by the volcano!

Sitting at Brussels airport and wondering when my onward journey will commence is extremely frustrating. The airport is full of harried passengers and the lounge looks feels like a market with each seat filled and people standing at each and every corner available.

We are being told that the aircraft will be airborne in a couple of hours maximum and then may take a slightly longer route to Newark. Despite the fact that all passengers know the problem and realize that the airlines will be trying their best, there are scenes of passengers taking out their frustrations on the airline staff who seem to have learnt the art of calming them down.

The kids at the airport are being a handful for their mom’s and one really tired mom is sitting right across to me. The look on her face tells me that if she had a hose she would just get to the mouth of the volcano and douse it herself because that would be easier than reigning in her son who is currently running amok. A few minutes ago that kid managed to drop a advertising standee and almost tripped a passenger.

This whole episode highlights to me the fragile world we live in. A volcanic eruption in far away Iceland can paralyze half of the world... wonder what’s next!

Good news as I type, the airline has just announced that our flight will be leaving in 2 hours time. It has been rerouted and I am going to stop typing and keep my fingers crossed!

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  1. have fun.... and tell that harried mother to be happy that her kid is not announcing her age to all and sundry