Saturday, January 29, 2011

Laid... Screwed... Re-laid!

Hold on to your horses...

I am not blogging about anything here that is remotely "suggestive"...

If you are still interested in reading, please proceed!

I am sure all of us who have been using the roads in India have seen this happen. A road is laid and just a few hours later someone comes up with a “need” to dig them up. It almost feels like they were waiting for the road work to be done so that they can dig it up.

I wonder why the different departments of the government cannot synchronize their activity. Am I asking for too much, even in our small workplace itself that there often is a clear lack of coordination? I don’t know the answer….

At the same time I have to mention a step taken by the Bangalore city administration of painting the parapet walls and underpass walls. The paintings add color to the city and has also ensured that the defacing has stopped.

Some of the painting are great and some of them are not so good but overall they do the job of making the city a cleaner place. My sincere thanks to the person who championed this idea and made this a reality. I have a feeling that the same person must know of a way of saving our roads from the cycle of being laid, screwed and re-laid.

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  1. Put up a snap of Ryn's tired tiger..... its the one in the underpass near Cantonment.

    Have you spotted any snaps of Kodagu or the Kodavas? We have such a vibrant culture. You'd think they'd showcase it somewhere at least!!!!